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What Are You Lookin At?
Welcome to BIRDWORKS! We are very happy to have you here because we put bird lovers in contact with bird breeders and bird sellers.  Also check out our great reference library of links to information about the birds you are interested in the most. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often to see what we have available, or email us for that special bird.

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About Birdworks

This is THE quality place to find your next petbird. Birdworks is a "collective" of bird breeders located in NE, Indiana. The local breeders we work with raise many of the birds they sell and pride themselves on some of the best handfed birds you can find. And if our breeders don't have what you want, we'll refer to someone else if we can.

We are proud of the reputation we have for socializing great companions for our customers. At our aviary you will find Quakers, Lovebirds, all varieties (including whiteface) of Cockatiels, Cockatoos (Upon request), Parakeets, Macaws (Upon Request), African Greys (Congo and Timneh), and many other birds at 25% or more lower prices than any petshop in the Fort Wayne area! (Including very low prices on quality cages)

Some of our breeders specialize in quality handfed African Greys (Congo and Timneh), Macaws, Cockatoos, (Moluccan, Umbrella, Goffin's, Sulfer Crested) Conures, Lovebirds, and much more! We also have breeders who specialize in just about every variety of cockatiels available, having more breeding pairs than anyone in Northern Indiana.

Get in touch with the BIRDWORKS webmaster for contact information about your new best friend via e-mail .

This site is always under construction, but there's still lots to see. Keep coming back for pictures of what we have available. Some of the birds we have can be found in our gallery and in the list below.

Currently Available From Our Breeders:

  • Jendaya Conures SOLD

  • Quaker Parrots

  • Blue & Gold Macaw

  • 2 Goffins Cockatoos (1 Male, 1 Female) SOLD

  • Timneh African Grey - weaned SOLD

  • Umbrella Cockatoos

  • Moluccan Cockatoos

  • Timneh African Greys

  • Congo African Greys

  • Lovebird babies

  • Cockatiels - many color varieties available!



The Birdworks website is a Christian owned and operated internet project. God is our major shareholder, and we thank him for the success and blessings he gives us daily. If you are one of those busy people with little time, or have not spent much time considering the good news Jesus can bring to your life, and the changes that are possible, please visit Ministries.

This website has been online for several years now, not days, weeks or months. Visitors to this site number in the thousands each month. If you are interested in getting your site listed here starting at only 10 dollars a month, contact Birdworks Webmaster for more information. If you are a breeder that would like some additional exposure, we can help you too. If you'd just like to have your own site instead of sharing this one, check out our web designer listed below.